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W. Rietveld 415/1401 chair for Gispen

W. Rietveld 415/1401 chair for Gispen
Item number: J14003
Designer / Manufacturer: W. H. Rietveld / Gispen (NL)
Description / Condition: Armchair with a straight back and sitting on a graphite black painted steel frame. The back and seat are both made of painted steel and equipped with a removable cover with foam rubber. The seat has two armrests of bakelite. The back side of the back is uncoated. Here is the graphite black of the steel to be seen.
Armchair No. 415 belonged to a serie of 'furniture for a simple interior", which was introduced in the middle fifties. The chair was first shown at the 10th Milan Triennale (1954) and was awarded with a gold medal. Is in an excellent condition; re-upholstered with a red Kvadrat fabric.
Measurements: H: 70 cm, W 65 cm, D: 61 cm.
Price: € 465, -

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